First Presbyterian Church of Allentown

First Presbyterian Church of Allentown is a diverse body of faith committed to living God’s love in the way of Jesus Christ. We do this through worship, study, service, and relationships for the common good of our community and the world.

That’s our mission statement. Here’s what we mean:


A diverse body of faith: We have members from more than 30 nations with roots in a variety of faith traditions. We’re liberals, conservatives, evangelicals, mainliners, charismatics, and mystics. We’re rich, poor, and middle class. We worship in traditional and alternative venues, and hold services in English, Arabic, and Burmese. We express mission in a variety of ways. We belong to each other and need each other’s unique gifts, vision, and passion to make the kingdom of God flourish, as the apostle Paul established in 1 Corinthians. To us, diversity and plurality are strengths that allow fuller expression of God’s spirit in community. By leveraging our multiplicity of gifts, we strive to be more faithful to the mission of the church and the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.


God is Love, and love is the law of the Christian community, the anchor that roots everything we say and do. Love isn’t a fleeting emotion but an intentional, deliberate act of God that calls the world and the church into being. It’s the reason God sent God’s only son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. God declares that you are beloved no matter where you are on the spiritual journey, and the most important thing we can do together as a church is to live God’s love into the world.

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