Hopes and Dreams of Our Community

Peace Pole 5

  • May we be faithful to God’s will for us as we understand it, so that we may be faithful in service to others.
  • Let the light of the world shine into Allentown…
  • Una ciudad muy bella, donde me pueda centir feliz y muy seguro, que pueda caminar por las calles con muchas ideas para mejorar y canbiar con las demas personas donde pueda sonar y centirme libre.
  • My dream for Allentown is to help the people become Christians and to follow the word of GOD; and I want Allentown to become safer.
  • My Allentown be blessed by people who share Jesus’ love with one and other.
  • Allentown would be a place where people would choose to live, work and pray; that it would be a destination.
  • For no one to have to worry; make it known God is always in charge.
  • I wish for Allentown that it would be safer.
  • A safe, clean, friendly, vibrant and healthy city.